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We at "Uniqueeco" aim to reduce the impact on our environment by creating and promoting Areca Leaf products which are being produced with sustainable resource (made from fallen leaves - 100% natural) through Eco friendly process (no chemicals or additives used) and make sure it is acceptable to Earth when disposed (biodegradable & compostable). All we do to turn the leaf into a party plate, bowl or platter is wash it in locally sourced spring water and heat press it into shape.

The heat makes our products ready to eat from and, once formed, they keep their strength and toughness until they are ready to go back into the soil when you compost them.

We are resolved to be profoundly inventive and socially capable ECO inviting item maker, accomplishing Customer Delight by presenting creative items with unrivaled quality & dependability at a moderate cost and upgrade the association to contend in the worldwide business sector.

We attain to this by utilizing inventive creation routines with nonstop upgrades, making better meeting expectations conditions with reasonable pay/ cost for our workers and Suppliers. Furthermore by creating & advancing these sorts of items from regular reasonable crude material, we improve the safeguarding of mother earth from contamination & landfill.

Likewise advancement of this business implies vocation open doors for the country society and extreme improvement for both individuals & nature.

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